Reward Items

Have enough PETAL POINTS to redeem $25 off? Did you earn a $10 off coupon? The items in this collection are eligible for you to use a reward on! Please read the following information on how our reward program works.
*2500 points = $25 off! You can only redeem one reward at a time. These points must be redeemed on a $25+ purchase.
*Did you refer a friend and get a $10 coupon? Your $10 coupon can be redeemed here! You can only redeem one coupon at a time. These coupons must be redeemed on a $50+ purchase. 
*$10 coupons for BRAND NEW customers referred to us from a friend can be redeemed on ANY item on our website. This is a ONE TIME coupon! These coupons must be redeemed on a $50+ purchase.
*Items must be released for a minimum of one week before they will be added to this collection. We will update this collection on Saturday of each week. The items that will be added on Saturday will have released 8-10 days prior. Please note that not ALL items will be added to this reward section. We can only add certain items here as we aren't allowed to discount items from certain suppliers.
*If an item you want is not in this collection, please wait a week!
*Graphic Ts and Hoodies are not eligible for the reward.
*Any item purchased at a discount is considered FINAL SALE. This is true when you redeem petal points or rewards, too! If you aren't sure about the sizing of an item, please email us at to verify OR don't use petal points/rewards on that item!