Secret Santa Boutique Buddy

Secret Santa Boutique Buddy

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Join us in our Secret Santa Boutique Buddies!!
To join in, purchase this Boutique Buddies listing on our website.

The listing is $30! We will send you a gift card to buy your assigned buddy's shirt, and we will add $5 to the gift card to cover shipping!

Once you sign up, fill out this form so that your buddy knows what to buy you! You can pick 3-4 graphic Ts that you love from our boutique. Paste the link in the different spots of the form!


After everyone joins in, we will pair up buddies and send you your buddy's info on what shirt they liked as well as a gift card to use to purchase! You will purchase a shirt from their choices and put THEIR address on the "ship to" spot. At the end of their last name, put SS. That way when they receive the package, they will know that it's for Secret Santa and will set it aside for the Secret Santa Party! So for example, if you were shipping it to me, you would put "Heather Kell SS". You must order the shirt within 24 hours of receiving the gift card from Holly & Heather!!

We will have a SECRET SANTA Reveal Party on Sunday, December 20th at 8:00 pm central! This party will be on Zoom. Everyone will hop on and we will take turns opening our shirts, and then you can reveal whose Santa you were!!! The Zoom Link will be sent to all participants prior to Decembr 20th!


MUST reserve your spot by 7:00 pm central on Sunday, December 6th. ALL codes will be sent out Sunday night so that people can order for their secret santas as soon as possible!!!